October 2011

Posted: October 9, 2011 by Website Admin

Please post your Orders here.

Remember, you have 4 Orders at first, to be submitted by the first Orders deadline – to be found in the sidebar. You then have a further two Orders after receiving your first replies. The second Orders deadline is also in the sidebar.

Your Orders should be structured with an aim, and your method to achieve the aim. An example can be seen below. The Storytellers will then judge your success based on what you are trying achieve, your skills and resources, and the background information contained in your profile.

Example Order
Aim: Capture James the Malkavian
Method: Wait outside his haven [located in previous order]. Overpower him and any guards [Brawl 4, Potence 2]. Stake him and bundle him in car. Take him back to my haven.

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