December 2011

Posted: December 13, 2011 by Website Admin

Aim: Capture You must be logged in to view this content the You must be logged in to view this content

Method: Wait outside his haven [located in previous order]. Overpower him and any guards [Brawl 4, Potence 2]. Stake him and bundle him in car. Take him back to my haven.

  • Testing Orders – This is an order by Chauncey, time to shoot the Prince

    Storytellers – You fail. The Prince lives.

  • Testing Orders – step 2.

    Hume can’t see Chauncey’s order while it is held for moderation.

    Next step is to see if the Admin can view and moderate both on the Orders page, or if that has to be done through the Dashboard.

    Then to try to reply as Admin, see if that works too. I have now uploaded a plug in which allows us to view and edit comments which are held for moderation on the Orders page. That’s close to where we want to get to, some work to be done on appearance and the like!

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