An Invite from Prince E. Korsgaard

 Official Announcements / Posted 2 months ago by Mab

Announcements from the leadership of the domain

Good evening my fellow residents and esteemed guests of Glasgow,
It is my great pleasure to announce that the Prince of Glasgow, Esteban Korsgaard, shall be hosting an evening of entertainment and festivities on Wednesday the 25th of August. The evening shall be themed on fictional villains and guests are encouraged to dress as their favourite from any media of their choosing. Guests will also be encouraged to engage in an act of performance, to facilitate this, the Prince has generously offered to provide a prize to whomever is deemed to give the most stirring entertainment.
All residents, both recognised and probationary, of Glasgow are invited to attend, as are residents of Soteria, Carlisle, Dundee, Bergen and Spain.
Those wishing to attend may RSVP to the Keeper of Elysium, Mab, where they shall receive a meeting point. Transport and refreshments shall be provided, but by order of the Prince there shall be no direct feeding at either the meeting points or final location. Should anyone require accommodation please make this known and every effort shall be made to provide suitable arrangements.
Yours sincerely,
Keeper of Elysium

Author: Mab