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Ladies and gentlemen,
It was, as ever, a delight to see so many faces both new and old at court. I would beg your attention for a few matters – in particular, the airport which I know was a topic of conversation.
First – to those who have not read the June Dark Times, I would direct you to page 4, so as to avoid repeating myself. Yes, I am a dead woman walking.
Second – Alexander Dunsirn has now been banished from the domain of Glasgow, having been given two nights grace. The Prince and I have discussed the matter. If anyone has outstanding business with my kinsman, please get in touch with me. I am not Giovanni, but my attitudes to fulfilling business agreements have not changed.
Third – as a general rule, the Dunsirn holdings within the domain previously held by Alex are mine. My own holdings are mine. We inherited no grace and favour ‘Giovanni businesses’ – what we have, we built ourselves. Don’t piss about, I will defend my own if I have to, but we can all do without that nonsense.
Fourth – on the matter of the airport. The Prince and I have discussed the political complexity surrounding this. The Dunsirn Family have laid claim to the airport for some time – yes, unchallenged at that time due to the Promise, but I pride myself in saying that it was managed with benevolence rather than becoming a catalyst for trouble. We could have been charging boons every time you passed through, but we’re not total dicks. I will be frank – hunters, Sabbat, and other unfriendly forces would all have a vested interest in snatching this – and I will not have that happen here because political reality has led to squabbling over it like seagulls over a fallen fish supper. Anyone who has survived a visit to Portugal recently can tell you what it is like trying to pass through an airport held by hostile forces.
My primary concern is that this resource remains securely within the control of the respected kindred of this domain – and ‘securely’ is the watchword here: ‘Over my dead body’ would appear to be rather too probable at present. I could make claims of prestation over the Prince to demand that he supported my individual selfish claim – but I stand with Glasgow. I have made my own choices and taken my own risks – but I am not willing to risk something of such importance to the safety of this domain.
As a matter of pragmatism – it is therefore my intent to peacefully cede the claim over the airport, for the right price, to one (or a group) with the time and resources to properly manage it. I will coordinate with the Prince to ensure that we both agree that those chosen are capable rather than merely paying well. Contact us privately with your offers – and let us make this a smooth and civilised transition.
– Yes, really Cappadocian, this isn’t just a suicidal political re-brand. I’m of Lazarus’s line by Lamia, thankfully not a plague-spreader. Not extinct, merely endangered.
– The Promise is between Clan Giovanni and the Camarilla – I am of neither.
– My arm was ripped off by a Vozht in Portugal after I bit it rather hard below the belt. Jokes about safewords aside – check p1 of the April Dark Times for its portrait – it won’t be sitting for any more. Thanks to others, I survived and it didn’t. Furthermore, the monster factory it was protecting is destroyed, hampering the Sabbat war efforts. Others can take far more of the credit for that, but I’m not going to invite trouble on them by naming.
– Independent doesn’t mean impartial, and I do not believe in the limitations of ‘pick on something your own size’. Glasgow is my home, and it has my support.
Giuliana Caterina Dunsirn
Clan Cappadocian
Proud independent of Glasgow
Still not dead, but I’m sure people are working on that.
OOC – the June edition of the Dark Times referenced can be found here – . Looks as though the April edition is missing from the website at present, but it is linked in a post on the Discord newsdesk channel –…/72795523992…/829413959684718612

Author: Giuliana Dunsirn