Sheriff Announcement: Crime and Punishment - Leo Clark


 Official Announcements / Posted 2 weeks ago by Sir Charles Douglas

Announcements from the leadership of the domain

By the grace of Prince Korsgaard let it be known that Kindred Leo Clark has been apprehended into the Sheriffs custody following a breach of the Prince’s hospitality at court.  The use of powers of the blood to disrupt the civility of court will not be tolerated.


Punishment shall be conducted over the nights of July 31st, August 1st and August 2nd, which will indelibly mark them, setting an example to others. Members of the domain, accepted guests and visitors are invited to bear witness.


As is custom suitable projectiles will be made available.  If any that choose to attend breach the peace or disrupt the punishment they shall be incarcerated in kind.


Upon conclusion Kindred Leo Clark shall be released once more into the night.


As always The Traditions and Domain Laws remain sacrosanct!



Author: Sir Charles Douglas

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