Sheriff Announcement – Defenders of the Realm.  


 Official Announcements / Posted 2 weeks ago by Sir Charles Douglas

Announcements from the leadership of the domain

An announcement made to all residents of Glasgow through the normal channels at court and over the space of the month.


“Good evening,


By now you have all witnessed first-hand the true horror of a concerted Sabbat attack.  They truly are no joking matter being as awful in the tales our Elders tell, certainly not a ‘cake run’ or a ‘glorious combat’ as some kindred would let you believe.  The sheer travesty of these walking abominations is plain and they must be challenged at every turn.  There can be no compromise in these times especially as other age-old enemies are circling and must be stopped dead in their tracks with no quarter or mercy!


As Glasgow and the wider sect domains have shown we will prevail as we have for centuries though at what cost?  It is for this reason I speak direct to you.  As Sheriff I am seeking those whom are willing to go above and beyond becoming one of the Defenders of the Realm.  This city, as all our sect’s domains though Glasgow arguably more than most, requires defenders of every stripe ready and willing to identify enemies and repel borders in times of need.  I speak of course of those not only combat ready but a healthy mixture of abilities as well as it functionally takes several specialists working in unison for the greatest of effect.


We are nightly at risk, each and every one of us, and now I ask are you willing to take that extra step and be one of the Kindred that is trained and ready to defend the city and its residents less fortunate than yourselves?  If you are interested in such a position, working with kindred to your and their strengths, in the most efficient working parameter contact me directly.


With duty comes recognition, with service comes benefits that would otherwise not be available.


I look forward to speaking with those interested further over the coming months.


The Ivory Tower stands strong with our Traditions sacrosanct.


Sheriff Douglas.”

Author: Sir Charles Douglas

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