Sheriff Announcement - Domain on High Alert


 Official Announcements / Posted 3 weeks ago by Charles Douglas

Announcements from the leadership of the domain

Sheriff proclamation on the high alert status of the city, made available to all and through the normal channels.


“The city at this time is deemed on high alert.  Even though the city has been scoured of Sabbat remnants in the aftermath of the attack by the excellent work of the Officers and Deputies their influence or nomadic wanderers will never fully be removed, only the naïve would think such.


Coupled with the ever-present threat of the dread sect without, we have the Hunters placed from within.  Drawn here by the actions of the last 2 months. No finger pointing, no bickering they are here and they will be dealt with.


The high alert status at this time means:


  • Masquerade – Is paramount, no quarter or leniency will be given in such a time of peril. Any punishment levied for a masquerade breach when the city is in such a high state of alert is likely to be final death.


  • Hunters – No Hunter group is to be approached or interfered with in any capacity unless you are on the team trained to deal with them for the city. Do as your sires and Elders taught us, enforce the masquerade at every turn and survive this threat by a cool head and our most sacred law’s teaching.


  • Personal Masquerade – Use all forms possible to cover the masquerade on a personal level, as it is everyone’s responsibility to cover themselves. The use of the Blush of Health ((Book rules)) and where possible extra specific teachings ((OC the Masquerade, subterfuge or such merits/abilities)) is highly advised. Training can be provided.


  • Feeding – Herds and feeding grounds must be used to the fullest effect, feeding is the No.1 way we will be caught and the masquerade breached. Any who do not have or cannot secure from another’s good graces a suitable herd or a safe feeding ground, do make sure before you say yes, will come forward to the sheriff and assessed of requirements. In these cases one shall be assigned by the sheriff, this will be for safety and likely far outside Glasgow city, as to not be at high risk as so they can feed safely. Any domain assigned in this way will not be officially recognised by the prince as your feeding ground. Instead, this area will remain officially unclaimed, though your habitation will be known therefore its location is known by others and as such you should protect it, and at a later date if all goes well may petition for permanent rights over it to the prince. Advice on Herd cultivation and Feeding Ground protection can be provided.


  • Elysium – The People’s Palace and Winter gardens are being decommissioned as an Elysium. After this month, know its protections are removed under the Pax Vampirica. The Gallery of Modern Art and Kelvingrove still stand, though it is advised to use them sparingly as their locations are known to others, including the Sabbat. The Keeper of Elysium is revising a list of new sites unknown to those outside our sect and will make an announcement shortly upon the new Elysia.


  • Defence – Stay with your coteries, do not travel or meet in large groups unnecessarily. If possible, let someone know your intended location in case of assault or capture for a ready response. Tactics and training can be provided.


  • Armed – Do what you can to be armed and protected. The sabbat or others will not care if you cannot defend yourself!  Though do so in accordance with the masquerade and with local laws, not foolishly using greatswords aflame or military firearms, but have the ability to defend yourself. Training and basic armaments can be provided.


  • Technology – Specialists say low or untraceable tech is the way forward. Hunters are tech savvy along with their normal methods this time.  Use burner phones or more old school (animalism, auspex, ghoul letters) as presume they know at least as much as we do if not more and can trace it. Information and provisions can be provided.


Remember our laws, follow the above guidance and we shall endure against these threats as our sect has done for centuries!


Sheriff Douglas.”

Author: Charles Douglas

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