Hi Everyone,

Orders deadline is Wednesday 15th Feb at Midnight.

Dark Times Paper Edition Submission Deadline is Saturday 25th February at Midnight

Latest updates just in case you missed them.


Dark Times
Just so everyone is aware adverts placed in the Dark Times can be responded too without taking up an order point. Either email the dark times with the email address at the back of the dark times or email storytellers, whatever you prefer. Will be looking and responding to any of these emails tonight (sorry if you have done so already, not checked yet) also, first come first served basis!

Lord Lott’s Scavenger Hunt
The hunt will not be taking place this Orders round as all entrants have until 1st March to sign up. However feel free to use part of an order point to investigate this further this month and if you’re entering make sure to put it in after your orders, just so I have a note of who is getting involved. Further details regarding how the hunt will be done IC / OOC will be given once I have an idea of how many people are taking part.

Over the next few months you may notice an influx of NPC’s to the court. I will do my best to keep everyone aware of them and whilst I may not always have someone playing them on the night I will always let you know who is available to interact with via storyteller during the evening. An available NPC’s list by the sign in sheet is something I’m considering. Also I’ll try and make sure that a way to contact these NPC’s throughout the month is made available on the website as quickly as possible following the introduction of a new NPC. (Guilia Giovanni, Gerry Giovanni, Martin Strain and of course who can forget the recently arrived Viscount should now all be contactable on the site).

Also thanks again to Adam, Hannah, Jim and Stewart for helping me out with NPC’s and plot on the night, it’s very much appreciated!!

If you have any other questions just let me know!

Author: ST Stew