March 2017 Newsletter

Hi all,

XP has now been assigned so make sure to get those next spends in before the orders deadline which will be WEDNESDAY 15th MARCH 2017 at MIDNIGHT.

As for further announcements;

  1. Whilst the IC deadline for Lord Lott’s hunt has passed anyone looking to sign up and join can do so by putting an order point in about it this month. Will put up the details of the hunt on Monday evening so look out for them! Or if you have any questions feel free to message me directly!
  2. Jane is still looking for people to help with the new plugins, deadline for feedback is 20th March.
  3. Rules Changes; So long as everyone is in agreement and has no serious objections the following rules will be changed at present the rules used in the V20 book (p. 193) in regards to Presence will be adhered too;

    “Anyone can resist Presence for one scene by spending a Willpower Point and succeeding on a Willpower Roll (difficulty 8), but the affected individual must keep spending points until he is no longer in the presence of the vampire. Vampires three or more generations lower than the wielder need only spend a single Willpower to ignore the Presence for an entire night and need not roll Willpower to do so.”Secondly, Willpower will refresh after every court.

    In regards to the Combat specialisations and further rules suggestions I will have a bit more of a think on that one.

As usual, if there are any questions or queries or comments please feel free to get in touch with me either on Facebook, Gmail or the ST Email address.


Jen & Adam

Author: ST Stew