May 2017 Newsletter

Hi all,

Hope you all enjoyed the last game, some interesting stuff happening! It’s all go now!

Just a couple of announcements;

  • ORDERS DEADLINE- orders deadline is FRIDAY 12th MAY at midnight. That’s right it’s early this month because I’m away on holiday during the normal orders writing period. That being said, if you get your orders in even sooner than I might be able to get them out sooner!
  • XP SPEND – I may have accidentally denied some spends :S if you check your sheets and resubmit I will actually pay attention to what it is I am doing and click the ‘approve’ button rather than ‘deny’. So don’t worry, all that Serpentis you want to buy is still possible!
  • IC CONVERSATIONS – Just a reminder too include Adam or myself or preferably both of us into all IC conversations! As the kids are saying, Pics or didn’t happen.

And finally! Not Game related but I may as well make use of this! Some of the players from the game are in a production of the Importance of Being Ernest at the Montgomerie Halls in Eaglesham on Friday 12th May at 7:30PM. Adult tickets are only £6 and I promise you it will be worth seeing. As your ST I couldn’t possible say that by coming you may earn XP, that would be a gross miss-use of my power…nah of course not…but maybe…we’ll see how desperate I get for an audience.

That’s all folks,

Jen 🙂

Author: ST Stew