House Rules

Character Generation


Generations of 7 or lower are available for player character as a 7 point Merit. Note that the Merit also comes with additional flaws to be discussed by the player and Storyteller and a full and detailed background will be required.

Downtime Orders

Each player gets 6 orders points per month.


You automatically regain one willpower point per month. This can be further enhanced through orders or character actions in linears.



Level 1 blood bond: At this level, your thoughts over the month linger on your regnant. If you don’t spend an orders point to dedicated to them, then you will need to pass a willpower check at difficulty 6 each month, or you lose one of your order points (chosen at random). Examples of actions your character might take are doing something to help them, dreaming about them, stalk them, or just spending hours working out the perfect outfit the next time you see them.

Level 2 blood bond: As per level 1, but at least one orders point must be dedicated to aiding or following your regnant or resisting the overwhelming urge to do so. Pass a willpower check at difficulty 6 each month or lose a second order point.

Level 3 blood bond: At least two order points must be dedicated to your regnant. For the remaining order points, you need to pass a willpower check at difficulty 9 for each remaining order point – A failure means you spend that with your regnant as well.

Blood Bond Degeneration

Level 1 and 2 blood bonds degenerate at the rate of one step every three months without vitae. Level 3 bonds will require dedicated orders, and possibly outside help, to break. Vinculum ratings of 1-9 degenerate at 1 step every month without drinking additional vitae.

The degeneration begins when you go a full three months without drinking more vitae. If you do drink an addition blood point, you go up to the next level with all the downsides.

For example:

  • You get a 1 point blood bond
  • After 2 months you drink again, raising you to a 2 point bond
  • 3 months later (5 months total) you drop to a level 1 bond
  • And 3 months after that (8 months total) you’d finally be free


You can only learn one out of clan discipline dot per month.

You gain one level of blood bond for every out of clan discipline dot learned.


Vicissitude 2 or higher may be used to heal bashing damage taken by mortals. Vicissitude 3 or higher allows you to heal lethal taken by mortals. Healing supernaturals requires combo disciplines (eg. Sculpt the Flowing wound) or specific diciplines/rituals. Supernatural powers can only ever heal a wound once (ie you can’t take two rolls on two turns to try and heal the same knife wound)


Any generation of character may create a new combo-discipline, but it will take many months of plot to achieve for any player wishing to do so.